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2016년 Seminar (김은호 교수님)

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작성자 관리자 작성일16-05-29 21:47 조회401회 댓글0건


[Seminar Notice] Prof. Eunho Kim, Division of Mechanical System Engineering, Chonbuk National University

1.   Title: Elastic wave propagations in granular metamaterials

2.   Speaker : Prof. Eunho Kim

3.   Date & Time: 2016.5.25(WED), 10:30~11:30

4.   Venue : Eureka Bldg. Seminar room #7119

5.   Host : Prof. OH,ILKWON



Metamaterials are artificially designed materials to have unusual properties that have not yet been found in nature. These unusual properties are mostly achieved by controlling waves propagating through the materials. Various interesting application of the

metamaterials has been reported such as a superlense, cloaking, an efficient antenna, a wave filter, an impact protector, and etc.

Among various metamaterials in wide range of frequency regime, we introduce linear and nonlinear elastic metamaterials in this seminar. We first introduce the concept of ‘phononic crystal’ and ‘granular crystal’, and linear/nonlinear wave propagations in these structures. Then, we present how to control the propagating waves by modifying each elements in the structure for the design of elastic metamaterials. We numerically and experimentally demonstrate various interesting wave phenomena such as solitary wave, modulated waveform, boomerang wave, efficient energy dispersion, asymmetric energy transmission and etc. These show great potential for designing a novel elastic diode, an impact protector, a vibration filter, a sensor and actuator.